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MySQL Backup v6.0.4

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( 2020.04.04 )

            MySQL Backup is a very easy to use backup and restore application for MySQL . It creates 7z , zip ,gz ,raw sql backup for local or remote MySQL Server's databases easily and quickly . The user-friendly and professional wizard enables you just point and click with your mouse to do backup / restore job , without writing any sql script or complicated command line . It supports data compression and encryption . It is really a must-have tool for MySQL DBA.

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MySQL Backup main window


MySQL Backup window

Send email after job

Key features of MySQL Backup software

  • Create 7z , zip , gz , sql backup for MySQL Databases.
  • Ease of use GUI, without writing any backup/restore script or complicated command line.
  • Back up to local hard disk , USB removable disk or network shares .
  • Database or table level backup.
  • Send email after job.
  • Back up one or several databases in one job.
  • Back up database structure or /and data content.
  • Specify default char set for the backup.
  • SQL script or xml data format.
  • Raw sql script , *.gz and Databk backup format supports.
  • Advanced backup options supports.
  • Backup compression and encryption supports.
  • Job running methods: demand and schedule.
  • Delete aged backup older than a specified day , hour or minute.
  • Restore one or several database in one job.
  • Restore database with specify backup.
  • Restore database with a server target and new database name.
  • Synchronize two databases , on the fly or via backup.
  • Detail job report.
  • Convert DataBK backup to MySQL raw backup.
  • Use backup created by other application.
  • Ease of use GUI , but also support command line to run a job.
  • All versions of MySQL Server since 3.x
  • Free upgrade to latest version.
  • Free support