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About SQL Server Backup software

SQL Server Backup ----- Easy of use GUI Microsoft SQL Server database backup,restore, copy,log shipping software.

Since the year 2005, We are dedicated in developing data backup software for individuals businesses. The name of databk shows a will of the founder of the company the folks here to offer a data backup application make ms sql , mysql database backup restore become very easy.

SQL Server Backup Affiliate Program

If you own a website , you can sign up to become an affiliate at (To get more information about RegNow Affiliate Network, please read this.) Once signed up, they will be assigned you an affiliate ID you will be able to add SQL Server Backup product to your new account.

For each sale that occurs through your site, you get 30% commission. Easy to sell make extra cash.

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SQL Server Backup Help Desk

      We have some support resources available to help you with questions regarding our product. The support is available to all users. Our support service is geared towards providing customers with prompt and effective technical support, and ensure our product is working continuously to protect your critical data. Below are several methods to help you with any questions or issues you may have :

Get your database backup software easily

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Free Download DataBK SQL Server Backup and Restore Software

Thank you for your interest in downloading SQL Server Database Backup / Restore software , you'll get:

  • Easy to back up your MS SQL Server  database
  • 15-day, fully functional, free trial.
  • Free support .
  • Life time free to upgrade.


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