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Do I have to pay for the upgrades of MySQL Server Backup?

No! All upgrades are free, you can download the latest version from here at any time if you find a new version is released.

Is tech-support free?

Yes! It's free for email support. If you have question on using MySQL Server Backup software , please drop a mail to ,we are glad to help you .

Is your online order form secure?

Yes, it is 100% secure .

we are using famouse shareit and regnow to process the order procedure , both are Digital River's company , Digital River is the larget software order process provider , and use SSL to protect online order connection.

We also provide Paypal payment method , it is also a world lead payment processor.

How much is MySQL Backup?

Please click here to get the latest version's price information.

System requirement for mysql backup.

MySQL Backup has the following system requirements:

Windows 2000 or later , it runs on window and it is able to back up any platform's My SQL Server database.

2).Minimum hardware requirements:
500 MHz or higher
64 Mb or More RAM
5 MB available hard disk space for program installation

What is MySQL Backup?

MySQL Backup is a very easy to use backup and restore application for MySQL . By using it , you can back up local or remote MySQL Server's databases to your local hard disk or network shared folder easily and quickly . The user-friendly and professional wizard enables you just point and click with your mouse to do backup / restore job , without writing any sql script or complicated command line . It supports data compression and encryption . It is really a must-have tool for MySQL DBA.

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