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Backup MySQL

Couldn’t execute ‘SELECT @@GTID_MODE’: Unknown system variable ‘GTID_MODE’ (1193)

Following error occurs in backup file after a failed backup job.

-- Couldn’t execute ‘SELECT @@GTID_MODE’: Unknown system variable ‘GTID_MODE’ (1193) --

You got this message because MySQL Backup backup agent uses a newer version of mysqldump on your older version MySQL database , and your database server dose not support "GTIDs" . 

GTIDs means Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs) , GTIDs make it simple to track and compare replication across a master-slave topology ,is  introducted in MySQL 5.6 .

Can I back up remote mysql server database to my local harddisk?


MySQL Server uses TCP connection to transfer data , so you can do remote backup and save data to your local computer, but before you can do this, you must enable your mysql server allow remote access.

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