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How to migrate mysql backup to new computer?

There are two way to migrate mysql backup software to new computer :

A ) Migrate by copying file

1 . Copy all backups to new computer to same directory as old one.

2 . Copy all program files in installation direcotry to new computer (same directory requires).

3 . In old program , click File->Open configuration direcotry menu , and copy all files to new program configration direcry.

4 . Re-enter the license key if it asks.


B) New install and import old backup (recommended)

Privileges for MySQL backup and restore job

Since v4.5.8 , mysql backup checks privileges before job. Following table shows privileges checked in backup and restore job (no privilege checked in a synchronization job) . Please note that, if mysql backup reports privilege warnning message, it dosen't mean you can not run the job. For example, if mysql backup reports no "Show view" privilege for a backup job, if your database has no view object, it is ok for the job.

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