How to upgrade SQL Server Backup to the latest version?

1 ). Upgrade from 8.x or later

  • Download a new copy of SQL Server Backup.
  • Uninstall old version. ( Important)
  • Install new version to original directory.

After upgrade the product , please double check previouse jobs , see if there is anything changed.

2 ). Upgrade from 6.x or 7.x

  • Delete all scheduled jobs in v7 / v6 or Control Panel->Task Scheduler.
  • Uninstall the v7 version to remove old backup agent service. (This step is very important. )
  • Download a lastest version of SQL Server Backup.
  • Install new version to original directory or new directory.
  • Re-enter your license key .
  • If you install to original directory , please double check the old job and configuration , see if there is anything changed .
  • Re-create scheduled task for your job ,because it use own scheduler engine since v8.