SQL Server Backup v10.6 Released, A MS SQL Server Backup Solution

SQL Server Backup --- A professional backup and recovery software for MS SQL Server.

October 24, 2012

DataBK Software (http://www.databk.com), online sql database backup software innovators, announced its latest software release, SQL Server Backup v10.6, A professional backup and recovery software for MS SQL Server.

"This release contains some great features our users have been demanding," said Mike Zhou, DataBK software Production Manager. "Of course support for SQL Server 2012 backup- but we've also added the ability to maintain a mirror of online backups in the local network for lightning fast recovery and superior redundancy. This will give our users another flexibility to protect their SQL Server databases."

While version 10.6 is technically a maintenance release, it contains some exciting new, highly-anticipated features :

--Backup and Restore SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2012 is supported in this version, of course, it supports all SQL Server versions since MS SQL Server 7.0, both express and enterprise editions.

--Backup and Restore multiple databases in single job
Previous version, it restores only one database in a job, by using v10.6, DBA can select as many databases as he want in single job, this feature is very uesful when restoring whole SQL Server databases.

--Send backup to remote computer over IP
This software includes a Storage Server module, this module is a tcp/ip server application, it can be installed onto any computer that has IP connection, backup agent sends backup to this service via IP connection, supports both local or remote network.

--Primary and secondary backup devices
In this version, DBA can save backup in two places at same time, primary and secondary devices. This feature enables DBA make mirrors of online backups easily and the backup system more reliable. When creating a restore job, DBA can specify which device is used to read backup.

--Convert DataBK backup to native SQL Server backup
SQL Server backup software includes both GUI and command line utilities that convert DataBK backup to native SQL Server raw backup easily. Native backup can be used in SQL Server Management Studio or Enterprise Manager.

--Copy database between servers easily
Log shipping is a very good way to synchronize two databases. If database administrator is not an advanced DBA, it is not an easy job to setup log shipping between servers. By using this software, DBA needs just few points and clicks, follows step by step wizard window, this complicated job become very easy.
Copying database between servers also become easy by using this feature.

  • Select backup automatically in database restore job

If all backups are database full backups, it is very easy to select backup in a restore job. But in most cases, to save backup disk space and backup time, DBA should create database full, differential, transaction log backups for a database, it is hard to select all required backup if he is not an advanced DBA. By using SQL Server Backup software, selecting backup for restore job becomes easy, this software can do this hard job for DBA automatically.


--Restore database to point in time.
Of course, this software is able to restore a database to the latest state. But DBA may want to restore database to time point that some useful data is misdeleted, not to the latest state,in this case, he can specify the time point in restore job to do this.

--Compress and AES 256 bits encrypt backup data
Not like other sql backup software, SQL Server Backup compresses and encrypts backup on the fly, no temporary file created, AES encrypt key length can be 64,128,256 bits.

--Delete expired backup, and send email confirmation after job.
If DBA specify a backup space recycle period, this software deletes expired backup automatically after job, it can also send DBA an email confirmation on success or failure. With these two features, DBA don't have to check remote server every day, he just check the email and everything get control.

For more features, a fully functional trial version of SQL Server backup v10.6 is available for download at http://www.databk.com/download.htm.

About SQL Server Backup
SQL Server Backup is a professional backup and recovery software for Microsoft SQL Server, it supports all versions since SQL Server 7.0, both professional and desktop edition. It's user-friendly wizard and rich features make it perfect for both beginner and expert SQL Server administrators.

Pricing and Availability
The license price of SQL Server backup v10.6 starts at $99. It comes with free life-time subscription for product upgrades and technical support.

About DataBK Software
DataBK Software is a backup software development company with 9 years of experience on the database backup software and over 20 thousands of devoted users. DataBK Software specialize in providing comprehensive database backup tools as well as native connectivity solutions for the most popular databases, including SQL Server, MySQL.
For additional information about DataBK software, visit http://www.databk.com/about.htm

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