SQL Server Backup Help Desk

      We have some support resources available to help you with questions regarding our product. The support is available to all users. Our support service is geared towards providing customers with prompt and effective technical support, and ensure our product is working continuously to protect your critical data. Below are several methods to help you with any questions or issues you may have :

  • Frequently Asked Questions
        You can get answers to specific questions , just click here for a complete list of FAQs online , you can also get most frequently question answers in help documentation's "FAQs" session.
  • Help Document
        The help documentation that comes with our product is packed full of information designed to get you answers that you need. Just click "Help->content" menu on SQL Server Backup Manager window to read the documentation.
         You can also visit the latest online documentation by clicking here.
  • SQL Server Backup Walkthroughs
        To provide a hands-on introduction to the numerous major features of SQL Server Backup in a clear and ordered manner , we prepare some walkthroughs that give step-by-step instructions for common scenarios.
  • SQL Server Backup  FAQs
       Mostly answers to SQL Server Backup software questions.
  • MySQL Backup FAQs
       Mostly answers to MySQL Backup software questions.
  • Contact us
        If you can not find an answer for your question or if you need further assistance , please do not hesitate to contact us at support*databk.com.