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Life time license
SQL Server Backup Professional Edition
(All std edition features, and copy database , backups , log shipping between servers)



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SQL Server Backup Standard Edition
(Back up database locally)



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Upgrade to Professional Edition
(New key will be sent manually in 12 hours)
MySQL Backup



Volume discount prices 

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SQL Server Backup version comparison

Key features Std Pro
  Lifetime license, lifetime free update and upgrade
  Backs up all databases, full ,differential backup, transaction log backup
  Back up unlmited number of instances and databases
  Back up local SQL Server database
  Remote backup agent enables you back up remote SQL Server from local machine  
  Send backups to local directory or network shares.
  Remote storage server included, send backups to any computer that has tcp/ip connection.
  Create backup on primary and/or secondary location.
  Counter and size base backup strategy.
  Compress and AES encrypt backup.
  Consistence check before and after job. Verify backup after job.
  Delete expired backup automatically.
  Send email confirmation after job, no success, no failure.
  Restores multiple databases in one job.
  Select backup manually or prepare all needed backups automatically.
  Restore database to the point of failure
  Restore database to a point in time. Read more
  Restore database with new database name or move to new location.
  Restore database to other machine's SQL Server  
  Log shipping supports  
  High performance Storage Server
  Remote management supports
  Manages all Backup Agents on the same network  
  Copies database from one SQL Server to another via backups  


Site License Agreement (SLA) Program

What's the benefit of the Site License Agreement (SLA) program?

The Site License Agreement (SLA) program is the most cost-effective way for you to purchase SQL Server Backup software licenses to cover your whole organization of 35 or more database server computers. Under the Site License Agreement (SLA) program, you can install any combination of SQL Server Backup / SQL Server Backup Pro anywhere in your organization. The SLA also includes free email supprt and free upgrade life time.

Products Price

Site license for SQL Server Backup Professional Edition

( install unlimited copy of SQL Server Backup standard and professional edition anywhere in your organization)


Site License For SQL Server Backup Standard Edition

( install unlimited copy of SQL Server Backup standard  edition anywhere in your organization)


 Please note :

  • Differences between SQL Server Backup PRO and STD edition  , please click here.
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