Privileges for MySQL backup and restore job

Since v4.5.8 , mysql backup checks privileges before job. Following table shows privileges checked in backup and restore job (no privilege checked in a synchronization job) . Please note that, if mysql backup reports privilege warnning message, it dosen't mean you can not run the job. For example, if mysql backup reports no "Show view" privilege for a backup job, if your database has no view object, it is ok for the job.

Privilege Comment Backup Restore Synchronize
Alter To alter the table
Alter routine To alter or drop stored functions/procedures
Create To create new databases and tables
Create temporary tables To use CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE
Create view To create new views
Create user To create new users
Delete To delete existing rows
Drop To drop databases, tables, and views
Event To create, alter, drop and execute events
Execute To execute stored routines
File To read and write files on the server
Grant option To give to other users those privileges you possess
Index To create or drop indexes
Insert To insert data into tables
Lock tables To use LOCK TABLES (together with SELECT privilege)
Process To view the plain text of currently executing queries
Proxy To make proxy user possible
References To have references on tables
Reload To reload or refresh tables, logs and privileges
Replication client To ask where the slave or master servers are
Replication slave To read binary log events from the master
Select To retrieve rows from table
Show databases To see all databases with SHOW DATABASES
Show view To see views with SHOW CREATE VIEW
Shutdown To shut down the server
Super To use KILL thread, SET GLOBAL, CHANGE MASTER, etc.
Trigger To use triggers
Create tablespace To create/alter/drop tablespaces
Update To update existing rows
Usage No privileges - allow connect only