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SQL Server Backup
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SQL Server Backup --- A professional backup restore utility for MS SQL Server .

Databk.com released SQL Server Backup 8.0 on 22 Sep., 2009 , a professional backup restore utility for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 ,2000 , 2005 , 2008, MSDE , WMSDE , SQL Server 2005/2008 Express. It's user-friendly wizard rich features make it perfect for both beginner expert SQL Server administrators. This program runs on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Windows 7 .

SQL Server Backup supports online database backup , it lets you back up SQL Server without interrupting running MS SQL Server services . It supports database full backup , differential backup , transaction log backup. It also supports data compression 128-256 bits encryption . By installing Storage Server on remote machine , you can back up SQL Server database send data to remote storage device over an IP connection .

By using SQL Server Backup , restoring database becomes easy safely. SQL Server Backup knows which backup should be used can latest backups automatically . If you are an advance SQL Server administrator , you can do the database restore step by step customize the recovery completion state . SQL Server Backup allows you restore database with a new name ,move database it's related files to a new location , restore database to a point in time , if you have the backup of transaction log's tail, you can even restore your database to the point of failure .

You might want to know the status after each backup restore job runs , SQL Server Backup has the ability that sending you an email to report you the detail information after a job. SQL Server Backup can also delete expired backups automatically , this feature lets you cycle maximize the usage of storage space easily.

SQL Server Backup is priced at $99(US) . Volume discounts are available . For more information please visit http://www.databk.com , you can also download a fully functional trial version from this site contact us at support@databk.com .

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request