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SQL Server Backup v12

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     SQL Server Backup is an easy to use backup and restore utility for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005 backup and restore, 2000, 7.0, MSDE, WMSDE , both desktop , express and enterprise editions.

     It is able to create popular *.7z , *.zip , *.bk  backup file. You can backup easily in different backup software or management studio. (new).

     It backs up SQL Server database to a local hard disk or network storage device,and restore database with a new name or move database files to a new location , restore database to the point of failure.

     It supports data compression and encryption. It's a user-friendly wizard and flexible design enable you backup and restore SQL Server database without deep knowledge of SQL Server.

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Why SQL Server Backup

Creates 7z, zip , .bk backups , easily use these backup in different backup software.
Ease of use yet professional step-by-step wizard interface. No DBA experience required.
Create backup for MS SQL 2015, 2012, 2008, 2005, 2000, 7.0, supports desktop , express , professional and enterprise edition.
Built-in SQL database restore function, restore multiple databases in a single job.
Supports transaction log-shipping. This feature let you copy database between servers easily.
Compress and AES 256 bits encrypt backup data on the fly, no temporary file created.
Verify backup after job, clean expired backup after job. (Since year 2005 ,v1.0)
Email confirmation after job. (Since year 2005 , v1.0)
High performance and reliable . Firstly released in 2005 and thousands of users all over the world are using this ms sql backup software.

When is a SQL server differential backup required?

  • A relatively small portion of the data in the database has changed since the last database backup. Differential database backups are most efficient if the same data is modified frequently.
  • You are using the Simple Recovery model, which does not permit Transaction log backups, and you want to perform backups more frequently than is practical for full database backups.
  • You are using the Full or Bulk-Logged Recovery model and want to minimize the time it takes to roll forward Transaction log backups when restoring a database.

Creating MS SQL Server transaction log backup.

  • Transaction log backup is a backup for log files of a database .
  • Backing up the transaction log periodically to create a sequence of transaction log backups offers users the most flexibility in restoring databases.
  • By creating transaction log backups, a database can be restored to any point in time contained within the sequence of transaction logs, right up to the point of failure , because it is possible to back up the currently active transaction log even if the database is inaccessible.