SQL Server Backup Software Architectural Overview

DataBK MS SQL Server backup system includes three different programs :

  • Backup Manager. (SQLServerBackup.exe)
  • SQL Server Backup Agent (SQLBackupAgent.exe)
  • DataBK Storage Server (StorageServer.exe)

Backup Manager : This is main management program of the product . Configuration and most management works can be done in this program ,such making backup/restore/log shipping job , configuring the backup agent and storage server remotely .etc .

SQL Server Backup Agent : The core program of this product . It dose the really backup ,restore job that configured by Backup Manager . It handles all communications between Storage Server and Microsoft SQL Server during backup and restore jobs, including preparing, retrieving, and processing the data packets that are sent back and forth between Microsoft SQL Server and DataBK Storage Server.

DataBK Storage Server :It manage the backup device , and save backup data created by the Backup Agent. During a backup job , it save the backup data to storage device that attached to storage server . When a restoration job starts , storage server read backup from device and send them to Backup Agent , which write data back to the database .