When should I backup the sql server master database?

One or more following operations occur , Please backup the master database.

  • Creating or deleting a user database.
  • If a user database grows automatically, by virtue of the autogrow feature, to accommodate new data, this does not affect master. Adding and deleting files and filegroups does not affect master.
  • Adding logins or other login security-related operations.
  • Database security operations, such as adding a user to a database, do not affect master.
  • Changing any server-wide or database configuration options.
  • Creating or removing backup devices.
  • Using SQL Server Enterprise Manager to perform any of these operations.
  • Configuring the server for distributed queries and remote procedure calls, such as adding linked servers, or remote logins.

If master is not backed up after it changes, any changes since the last backup are lost.For example, if a user database is created after master is backed up, tables and data added to the database, and then master is restored because of a hard disk failure, the user database will not be known to SQL Server because there are no entries in the restored master database for this new user database.