SQL Server Backup Walkthroughs

Following walkthroughs introduce the important areas of the SQL Server Backup. Each walkthrough gives step-by-step instructions for common scenarios, which makes them a good place to start learning about the product or a particular feature area.


To provide a hands-on introduction to the numerous major features of SQL Server Backup in a clear and ordered manner , we use the professional edition and install it on the same machine as SQL Server.

Walk-through 1 : Configuring SQL Server Instance and Backup Device

  • Configuring instance to be backed up
  • Configuring backup device

Walk-through 2 : Backing up a database
  • Creating a new sql server database backup job
  • Defining the job options (Backup type , strategy , compression , expiration settings .etc)
  • Running the job

Walk-through 3 : Scheduling a backup
  • Defining backup strategy
  • Creating a full backup schedule
  • Creating a differential backup schedule
  • Creating a transaction log backup schedule
  • Viewing job reports

Walk-through 4 : Restoring a database
  • Doing a transaction log backup if possible
  • Creating a new restore job
  • Defining the job options (backup selection , completion state , consistency check .etc)
  • Running the job

Walk-through 5 : Log shipping with SQL Server Backup Pro
  • Creating a log shipping job
  • Scheduling the job
  • Bringing up standby server

Walk-through 6 : Using command line to run a job
  • Getting job status in command line
  • Creating a simple batch file