Walk-through 3 : Scheduling a backup job

After you have created a backup job, you can schedule this backup job now.
This walk-through will show you:

  • How to define backup strategy
  • How to create a full backup schedule
  • How to create a differential backup schedule
  • How to a transaction log backup schedule
  • How to check job reports

Steps : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1) In this walkthrough , we define following backup strategies:

  • Do full backup on every Sunday midnight
  • Do differential backup on every day midnight except Sunday
  • Do transaction log backup every 2 hours

2) Open the scheduler child window , select the new added backup job then click "New" button.

3) Create a scheduled full backup with following settings :

4) Create a scheduled differential backup with following settings :

5) Create a scheduled transaction log backup with following settings :

6) You can view the job report every day to check the scheduled jobs status: