Microsoft SQL Server 2012 backup and restore supports

SQL Server Backup is able to back up and restore the latest Microsoft SQL Server 2012. When you configure the backup instance, please select a correct SQL server edition.

And this software is also able to restore SQL server 2005 and/or 2008 backup to SQL 2012 server, it is very easy to do that, just define a new restore job to migrant an early version database to SQL 2012 server.

microsoft sql server 2012 backup and restore supports

Please notice that, in SQL 2012, when SQL 2012 server uses Window authentication mode, the account "NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM" does not has backup and restore privileges anymore, and this system account is used to run SQL Server Backup Agent, to enable this account to back up and restore SQL 2012 database, please add "sysadmin" server role to this account.


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